MicroWallet CardHolder

MicroWallet CardHolder


Microwallets are discreet cardholders, perfect for carrying the absolute wallet essentials. Being the size of a card itself, the wallets are designed to hold a maximum of two cards on each side, maintaining it’s discreet size.

The bi-colour design helps you to organise your cards and reach for the correct card at a glance. Only the finest areas of the Grade 1 quality skins can be used for microwallets due to their size and construction.

  • Grade 1, Full Grain French Chèvre (goatskin)

  • Handmade and saddle stitched

  • Painted and polished edges

  • 2-card slots (4-card capacity)

Microwallets are handmade in small numbers and 1 piece per colour is available within each batch. New colours and stock are added as available.

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