I’m always drawn to objects with longevity, that take on the imprints and marks of their lives to become unique. The patina is impossible to imitate with anything but time and use.

These are the sorts of products that we can all relate to, ones that mean more than the sum of their parts, because they have lasted. Sometimes generations older than we are, they can still be relied upon, usually all the more beautiful for it.


All K  Mithani leather goods are entirely handmade and saddle stitched from fine, full-grain leathers. These are products to be used, that can build stories with their owners over many years.

Small leather goods are made in limited numbered batches that are available directly and through selected stockists. In addition, I make just ten, entirely hand made and saddle stitched bags each year.

The collection of products will grow and evolve over time, but every piece that bears the K  Mithani stamp will have earned its place.