After a lot of time spent in heavily computer based design, I wanted to look at work that was a bit more tactile. I started to closely study beautifully made products, ones designed to last that, more often than not, are made with a strong reliance on hand work. Around 2014 I began looking at how I could make these products with the balance of design, craftsmanship and fine materials to create something special.

Leather is one of my favourite materials and when produced with care, it’s one of the most unique and versatile in the world. After taking a starter leather working course in the UK, I was hooked and wanted to go much further into the rich history the highest quality leather work.

I travelled to Switzerland to train with a master craftsman, learning the foundations and traditional techniques of fine leather working. The next years were spent rigorously honing the craft, developing my techniques with an uncompromising attention to detail, always with the intent of producing products of genuine quality.

Over this same period, I sought out and built relationships with some of the finest tanneries in Europe who have an unrivalled passion for the work they do and the leather they produce.