Produced by : StitchThat

Role : Projections

After Effects

Cinema 4D

Producer: Marie-Claire Denyer
DOP: Justin Brown
Camera: Bob Harlow, Martyn Thomas, Tim Mogridge
Still Photography: Caitlin Mogridge
Graphic Designer: Kieran Mithani
Edit: Martyn Thomas, Tim Mogridge
Sound Engineer: Jim Wood
Production Assistant: Anne-Louise Denyer
Sarah Haddow - TV Promotions Executive
Hannah Neaves – Head of Marketing Polydor Associated Records
Emily Tedrake / Sam Seager – Video Commissioners
Duncan Bellamy / Richard Robinson – Jamie Woon Logo and Projection Artwork
Jamal Rahman – Stylist
Carolina Svensson – Hair & Makeup

A version of this piece was aired on Channel 4.